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Speaking Engagements & Pulpit Supply

“Our sense of who we are and what our role is must begin where the universe begins. ... The human venture depends absolutely on this quality of awe and reverence and joy in the Earth and all that lives and grows upon the Earth. ... This is our sacred story. It is our way of dealing with the ultimate mystery whence all things come into being.” - Thomas Berry

Speaking Engagements


     Our founder, Trek Reef, is available for speaking engagements, including keynotes, presentations, and pulpit supply. 

Here are just a few sample topics:

  • Forest Therapy, practice & science

  • Trek's 2016 Appalachian Trail Pilgrimage

  • Astronomy & The Universe Story

  • The Great Turning & Ecological rEvolution

  • Wilderness Spirituality and related topics

  • Naturalist themes

  • Ecological Reciprocity

  • The Overview Effect

If you don't see a topic on the list, ask! 

Booking Speaking Engagements

  • General Talks: Most talks on various topics generally last about 45 to 60 minutes and include a 15 - 30 minute Q&A period. Trek is available for conferences, retreats, gatherings, annual meetings, and other organizational and congregational events.

  • Pulpit Supply: Trek has worked with synagogues, Unitarian Universalist, and United Church of Christ congregations. Divrei Torah, sermons, homilies, etc., on any topic will typically last 15 - 20 minutes. 

  • While we prefer to book out at least three months in advance, we may be available last minute and are open to inquiries.

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